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ITSIA (22 March 2011 )
This website is a DRAFT Israel National ITS Architecture, a roadmap for transportation systems integration for Israel over the next 10 years.
ITS in Israel
Intelligent Transportation Systems in Israel - bird’s eye view of current inventory and on-going projects
Recommendations for the Evaluation of Additional Transport Projects to be Promoted in Cooperation with the Private Sector (PPP) During the Years 2008-2015
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The Ministry of Transport and Road Safety is connected to various corporations operating in the transport sector. Several of these corporations have board directors appointed by the Minister of Transport and Road Safety.

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1   Link   IMS
Israel Meteorological Service
2   Link   NRSA
The National Road Safety Authority is the organization leading national strategy for road safety in Israel, serves as a national information centre and also directs and coordinates the ongoing activities, so as to shape a safe driving culture and reduce the number of accidents and those killed on the roads. The Authority's website offers information about the law, research and data, school lesson plans, prepared materials for community activities, updates and news, campaigns and publicity materials, safety recommendations on various topics and more.
3   Link   INRC
Israel National Roads Company (MAATZ)
MAATZ, the Israel National Roads Company, is the professional authority responsible for the strategy, planning, development and maintenance of Israel’s interurban road system. The website provides information about the company, its goals, projects, the locations of work at sites around Israel and more.
4   Link   Israel Railways
The website includes general information, a map of current and future railway stations, a timetable and fares, a map of freight routes and more.
5   Link   NTA
The Metropolitan Mass Transit System (NTA)
is responsible for the planning and development of a network of high frequency light rail in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area, which will move above and below ground, and connect the centre of Tel Aviv with the cities of Gush Dan (the Tel Aviv metropolitan area). The website includes details about the planned transport system in Tel Aviv, information about the railway routes, work currently underway, as well as pictures and simulations.
6   Link   Netivei Ayalon
The website features traffic news flashes for Netivei Ayalon, as well as the traffic flow on the Ayalon highway, with the help of cameras which simultaneously take pictures of the highway; Ayalon announcements – streets closed to traffic, about the company, current and future projects.
7   Link   Hoze Israel
Highway 6 (the Trans-Israel Highway) connects the regions of Israel from north to south. This website includes company publications, the current state of the project, questions and answers and press releases.
8   Link   Israel Airports Authority
The website includes extensive information on pre-flight services, essential telephone numbers, transportation and parking arrangements, as well as departure and arrival timetables which are updated every five minutes.
9   Link   Israel Ports Company
This website includes information about the organizational structure of the authority, the ports, cargo transportation and the 50-year strategic master plan.
10   Link   Ashdod Port Company Ltd.
Ashdod Port, Israel's leading economic gateway. The largest and most advanced seaport in the country, bringing to its customers the services of the world’s leading shipping companies. The website includes online services, customer information and updates, information for cruise passengers etc.
11   Link   Haifa Port Company Ltd.
The largest and most veteran port in Israel. The port has undergone technological and organizational changes over the last decade. Today, it is efficiently managed with a competitive and client-focused approach. The website provides information on the port’s organizational structure, ships at work, tenders etc.
12   Link   Moriah Jerusalem Development Co. Ltd.
Moriah serves as the executing arm of the Jerusalem municipality and the Ministry of Transport. Since its establishment in 1987, the company has carried out work on the transportation infrastructure, at a cost of over 5 billion NIS. The website includes details about the company, projects, tenders, public announcements etc.
13   Link   Yefe Nof
The Yefe Nof company serves as the planning and executing arm of the Ministry of Transport, the Haifa municipality and the cities of the Haifa metropolitan area. The company advances the planning and development of major traffic arteries, the public transport system, and an advanced system for providing mass transportation in the Haifa metropolitan area. The Yefe Nof website includes information about the company structure, a master plan for transportation, public transportation, public construction etc.