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6 percent increase in taxicab fares PDF Print
100_taxiRegular taxi (special) and service taxi (sherut) journey fares have increased by 6 percent, in accordance with the Control of Commodities and Services Order signed by the Ministries of Finance and Transport.

The increase in the charge rates reflects the price increases that have been applied to the taxi industry, particularly regarding the cost of diesel fuel.

Taxi journey starting fare is 11.8 shekels instead of 11.1 shekels. The charge for ordering a taxi by telephone is 5 shekels, instead of 4.7 shekels. In addition, the rate for a third passenger in a taxi is 4.7 shekels instead of 4.4 shekels.

The surcharge that taxi drivers charge for driving to Ben-Gurion Airport has not increased and remains at 5 shekels. The surcharge for driving (upon passenger request) via Highway 6 (except section 18) is 16 shekels instead of 15.1 shekels.

Be reminded: for regular taxi (special) journeys, drivers must activate the meter for every journey (except for standard journeys that are based on a set fare and updated on the meter).

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