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Ombudsman's OfficeThe Ombudsman's Office was established in 1995 and operates within the Ministry of Transport  Office of the Auditor General.
The Ombudsman's Office handles complaints concerning Ministry responsibilities and supervision, covering all Ministry departments, employees and affiliates.
The Ombudsman's Office receives complaints directly or through various Ministry departments and bodies, or through outside sources such as other government ministries, the State Comptroller and Ombudsman, the Knesset, etc.


Our Aim
Real-time correction and improvement of quality of service provided to the public, by employing a systematic and professional approach at all levels in order to identify failures and shortcomings, and to prevent their recurrence through monitoring and follow-up.

Our Objectives
  • To identify unauthorized and/or illegal actions and/or actions not in keeping with integrity and best practice;
  • To identify work procedures that are considered "aggravating"to the citizen and to recommend alternative practices;
  • To put issues of principle on the agenda;
  • To raise management awareness of the importance of providing appropriate, efficient, quality service to the public.

The Subjects We Handle
The Ombudsman's Office handles complaints about the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety and its affiliates.

Initial complaints about airlines, the railway, garages, importers, the Israel National Roads Co., the Cross-Israel Highway – should be forwarded directly to the organization concerned or to the proper authority at the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, for their attention.

Complaints about drivers of public transport (buses and taxis) should be sent directly to the Public Transport Department, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, P.O.Box 867, Jerusalem 91008; or to fax 02-6558903.

If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint, please contact us with all correspondence regarding the incident.

The Ombudsman's Office does NOT handle APPEALS from the public.

What is a Complaint?
A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or concern (filed in writing) regarding the Ministry, its affiliates or employees, about any shortcoming, inaction, dishonest or illegal or unauthorized act, or any act not in keeping with the Ministry's realm of responsibility or best practice.

What is an Appeal?
An appeal is a request for information, a recommendation, a thought or suggestion regarding policy.

How to File a Complaint:
A complaint must be submitted in writing only.

Details to be Included in the Complaint:

  • The complainant's details: full name, identity number, address (for response), telephone number (for clarification purposes). Any complaint concerning driving or vehicle licenses must state the license number.
  • Full details of the complaint: subject; a concise description of the incident including date, time and place; any other pertinent detail.
  • Accompanying documents: receipts/invoices; permits; previous correspondence on the subject with other bodies; any document that can facilitate our investigations.

Note: A lack of any of the above required details can hinder our investigations and delay our handling of the matter.

We Do NOT Investigate (unless found justified):

  • A complaint concerning a matter that is under debate in a court of law, or on which a court of law has ruled.
  • A complaint that is already being handled by the Office of the State Comptroller and Ombudsman, the Police, or any other public authority.
  • A complaint submitted one year or more after the incident.
  • A complaint that is in essence a request for monetary compensation from outside bodies under the Ministry's supervision (such as: garages, vehicle importers, airlines, etc.).
  • An anonymous complaint.
  • A complaint submitted solely for information purposes.
Where to Send Your Complaint
Send your complaint to the Ombudsman's Office by one of the following:
  • post: Ombudsman's Office, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, P.O.Box 42, Beit-Dagan 50250;
  • fax: 972-3-9545450

Contact Us

  • For further clarification on how to file a complaint, phone 972-3-9545400, 24-hours a day;
  • For question regarding the status of a complaint that has already been submitted, phone the above number Sun.-Thurs, 10:00 - 12:00 ( with your complaint reference number at hand )

Note: Complaints are answered in writing only. Results of our investigations are not given over the phone.

The Ombudsman's Office is committed to resolving each complaint in a straightforward and professional manner. Regretfully, there are instances where more time is required than usual. Your patience is appreciated.

Beginning in 1995, the Ombudsman's Office publishes annual reports (in Hebrew) based on its handling of complaints from the public.  These reports are presented to Ministry of Transport and Road Safety senior management in order to raise awareness of shortcomings – verified through the investigative findings of complaints – in the operations of the Ministry, its departments and affiliates.  The annual reports are also available to the general public, ensuring transparency in the Ministry's dealings with the public and encouraging the public to stand up for their right to receive efficient and quality service.

What is in the Report?
• Principles and rules for handling public complaints.
• Issues put on the agenda following public complaints.
• Public complaints that have led to internal investigations.
• Statistical data – trend analysis (tables and diagrams).
• Examples of complaint handling.

To read the annual reports, please refer to our Hebrew site.

Public Complaints Procedure
To read about the procedure for handling public complaints, please refer to our Hebrew page.