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This website is a DRAFT Israel National ITS Architecture, a roadmap for transportation systems integration for Israel over the next 10 years.
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Intelligent Transportation Systems in Israel - bird’s eye view of current inventory and on-going projects
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Vehicle Liens and Attachments
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Imposing a lien
A lien is imposed on a vehicle usually as security for payment of a loan and prevents transfer of ownership until the lien is removed. A lien in favour of a bank or finance company is transmitted directly to the Licence Bureau computer system. In the case of a lien being registered at the Licence Bureau, the vehicle owner or power-of attorney must be present. If the vehicle is registered under the name of a company, association or suchlike, a power-of-attorney signed by a lawyer is required. A request to register a lien must be submitted on the official letterhead of the company imposing the lien. The letterhead must include the company's address and registration number. The request must also declare that the party imposing the lien guarantees to register the lien with the Registrar of Pledge (at the Ministry of Justice) or with an applicable authorised registrar, and include the official stamp, signature and full name of the party imposing the lien, as well as the vehicle owner's agreement to registration of the lien.
Removing a lien
Removal of a lien by a bank or finance company is shown directly on the Licence Bureau computer system. A request to remove a lien registered in favour of another party must be presented at the Licence Bureau. The request must be written on the official letterhead of the party that imposed the lien and include a guarantee to remove the lien at the Registrar of Pledge (or the applicable authorised registrar), as well as the official stamp, signature and full name of the encumbrancer.
Vehicle Liens

Attachment is usually issued due to debt owed to a court, municipality, labour court, rabbinical court, tax authority, the National Insurance Institute, Bailiff's Office, and suchlike. The writ of attachment must state the full name and identity card number or company registration number of the debtor.
Release from attachment
Once the debt has been settled or the attachment cancelled, the party that requested the attachment is obliged to report the release to the Licence Bureau.
Please Note: An attachment or lien is cancelled ONLY by the party that imposed it!